We are masters of reforming habits

Rhodes Smith is a consulting firm, built on helping you realize your path forward.
A guiding principle of Rhode Smith’s work is that all people and organizations
aim to be better tomorrow than they are today.

Our Philosophy

Your “Rhode” is different, on where you have come from and where you hope to go. We help build customized plans for you and manage your transitions over time – similar to black “Smiths” – to mold your new beginnings.

Managing change and creating efficiency for personal development or organizational evolution is continuous. From transforming culture to improving performance, we tailor services for private, not-for-profit, governmental organizations and individuals in the deliberate management of modifying behaviors and transforming mindsets.

We use a solution-focused approach to equip clients with specific strategies, which enable them to break through barriers. Our approach unlocks and consistently applies personal leverage points to yield long-term success.

This approach provides the foundation, intention, and direction that
will drive toward your desired goals leveraging the following process:


We tailor a program to fit your needs with your input that moves you forward at a constructive pace.


We identify performance issues and provide a thorough, objective assessment of what is required to manage change and where the gaps exist.


We work with you to understand and focus on the strategies, processes & capabilities that are critical to success.


We formulate outcomes and create a plan using your core capabilities with solutions to provide consistent and scalable impact.


We help you activate a clear and concise plan, utilizing your newly developed skills.


We provide you with resources and knowledge that help you to continue to grow and improve long after your coaching ends.

We work with businesses and individuals
in the deliberate management of modifying
behaviors and transforming mindsets.

We understand that the completion of each phase does not necessitate that the phase will not require additional focus later in the process.

This approach provides the foundation, the intention, and direction that will help make sense for your desired goals. Thus, this approach is meant for us to partner together in exploring, experimenting, and reshaping your path for success.

We relate to our clients as a partner to gain an in-depth understanding of your unique needs, strengths, challenges, history, and current state.

Nothing is more vital for companies and individuals to be successful today than a sound infrastructure and plan ahead of execution.

Rhodes Smith is a global personal and organization development consulting firm for individuals and companies. We apply a systematic and strategic approach to managing intentional changes with our years of experience, ongoing study and research in the areas of executive development, human behavior, and professional coaching.

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