Mastering Your Intention 

A 6 Week Small Group Coaching Experience

Continue writing your story with others. Attend a group coaching session intended to drive your unique journey, while gaining support!
A 1:1 Coaching Kick-off Session where we’ll talk about your goals, expectations, and structure of the sessions.

6 Weeks of live group coaching sessions where you’ll get real-time coaching and feedback to move forward.

Each session will focus on intentional actions.

Week 1 | Discovery

 Strategic Thinking; Clarification of Transformation versus Change.

Week 2 | Principle Of You

Understand How Your Decisions, Personality, Environment & Willingness Influence Transformation Processes.

Week 3 | Direction

Leverage Personal Story to Effectively Plan Intentional Behavior; Reframe Success to Sustain Capabilities.

Week 4 | Experience

Identification of Scenarios to Integrate Behaviors.

Week 5 | Ongoing Attunement

Understand Emotion and Physical Action Taken & How to Align Actions in the Coming Week.

Week 6 | Your Gift

Integration of Capabilities for Sustainment.

Building Your Capability

This is not therapy.

This IS about expanding yourself to move forward.

This is a private group, building an individual journey, in a supportive manner that inspires you.

You will build your capability to manage transformations consciously and consistently.

Course Includes

  • Weekly Teaching and Personal Assignments
  • Weekly Accountability Session
  • 2 Individual Coaching Sessions
  • Book and Journal
  • Ongoing Support
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