Group Intention

Mastering Your Intention

A 6 Week Small Group Coaching Experience 

Let's Evolve Your Story Together

Continue writing your story with others. Group coaching is for those who want to increase their commitment to their goal, but don’t want the intensity of individual coaching. Insights and contributions from each other’s experiences can be valuable. No one group coaching session is alike and different scenarios, practices, and discussions are molded to what shows up in the room.

This session establishes a container and provides the tools necessary to create real change. Each individual leaves with a plan of action to carry learnings forward. 

A 1:1 Coaching Kick-off Session where we'll talk about your goals, expectations, and structure of the sessions.

6 Weeks of live group coaching sessions where you'll get real-time coaching and feedback to move forward. Each session will focus on intentional actions.


Strategic Thinking; Clarification of Transformation versus Change.

Week 1

Principle of You

Understand How Your Decisions, Personality, Environment & Willingness Influence Transformation Processes.

Week 2


Leverage Personal Story to Effectively Plan Intentional Behavior; Reframe Success to Sustain Capabilities.

Week 3


Identification of Scenarios to Integrate Behaviors.

Week 4

Ongoing Attunement

Understand Emotion and Physical Action Taken & How to Align Actions in the Coming Week.

Week 5

Your Gift

Integration of Capabilities for Sustainment.

Week 6

Building Your Capability

This is not therapy.

This IS about expanding yourself to move forward.

This is a private group, building an individual journey, in a supportive manner that inspires you.

Course Includes

Experience the collective insight of the group as you get feedback on your biggest visions and goals. Sign up for group coaching session intended to drive your unique journey, while gaining support with others! 

Let's Evolve Your Story Together